Wild World

Graceful Giraffes

07 September 2020

Having been involved with analysing the structure of animals and its impact upon their ability to survive and thrive, I have found the Giraffe to be quite fascinating. It is always a pleasure to encounter them on a game drive in our beautiful South African Game Reserves. There are also some really intriguing facts about Giraffes - one of these: their neck cannot reach the ground.
They are perfectly functional in their world, thus they are perfectly designed.

Owned, as I am, by Chow Chows - another aspect of Giraffes that holds a particular interest to me, is that they have the bluish-purple tongue.The reason for this trait, which occurs rather infrequently in nature, is hitherto unexplained.

I do hope that you too enjoy meeeting up with these inquisitive, graceful giants amongst our African Wildlife.