Behind the Scenes

What Is Mixed Media Art?

10 May 2021

As the world progresses into the future, ways to execute activities may change, at times quite drastically. The art world has always been at the forefront of exploring progress and technology, incorporating progress into it's realm. This results in 'new' artwork terms, with definitions needing some explanation, to help the collector understand what exactly they are obtaining.

Mixed Media Art is one such term.
This simply reflects that the artists tools were different from the traditional artist and that the end product incorporates a different medium to the traditional artists work.

Tradtional tools: Palette, brushes, paints, solvents, etc

My tools: tablet, pen, computer, etc

Final product - traditional mediums : paints on artist's canvas or fine art papers.

Final product - my mediums : archival quality inks on artist's canvas or fine art papers.

May your home and life be refreshed with beautiful and timeless art pieces.